Bold Business Women

What is Boldness? At the Denver Startup Week - On the street clips

September 25, 2019

This is a short 12 minute episode recorded at the Denver Startup Week 2019. Enjoy a montage of women's voices speaking about what it is to claim the description of being a bold business woman. Refreshing to hear, so many people shared that is it much more about supporting each other than all the "have no fear" concepts of boldness!

Here is a short list of some of the women I spoke with and their businesses for you to check out:

Barbara and Lupe at  
Supporting a community of women starting businesses after the age of 40+

Gina Schley at  
Growing flowers on a farm in Denver and part of the Slow Flowers movement for local businesses
Toby Adams at 
Empowering business owner and hair stylist supporting Girls, INC and Veterans organizations 
Keisha Mathes at 
Creating healing honeys, poetry, and women's health advocacy 
Carmel Scopelliti at 
Curating and leading trips for women travelers to meet and build traveling community